MBLEx Test Prep Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook 2024-2025

MBLEx Test Prep Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook 2024-2025

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MBLEx Test Prep - Comprehensive Study Guide and Workbook is the most in-depth, easiest to utilize MBLEx study guide to date. Covering subjects such as Massage TherapyBusinessEthicsMedical TerminologyAnatomy and PhysiologyPathologyContraindicationsKinesiologyAssessment, and Treatment Planning, MBLEx Test Prep offers the most current, up-to-date information available. MBLEx Test Prep utilizes the Minimum Effective Dose for the MBLEx, covering information most likely to be seen on the MBLEx, and leaving out unnecessary information that is most likely not covered on the MBLEx. This offers the most effective and efficient studying available!

The 2024-2025 study guide features 
11 practice tests totaling over 500 questions, an easier to follow organizationnew assignments, high quality photographs, and new and updated content!

Included in this study guide:
  • Comprehensive subject reviews
  • Over 500 practice test questions
  • Client assessment scenarios
  • Treatment planning scenarios and video explanations
  • Matching assignments
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Muscle labeling assignments
  • Study skills
  • Test-taking techniques
  • Tips on reducing test anxiety

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